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Philosopy and Goals

The formative years of a child’s life from birth to six years including the entire childhood stage, is a very critical period in the development of his potentials and capabilities. A child’s interest, attitude, values, skills, knowledge and basic personality traits as an adult is continuously in the process of becoming and should therefore be provided with adequate and meaningful learning situations to stimulate him to become a matured human being. Proper stimulation during early childhood would lead to the development of inner-directed, independent analytical, creative, nurturing, responsible, socially aware and useful members of the community.

We recognize the necessity of educating and developing our community of students to its fullest potential – spiritually, ethically, intellectually, socially, and physically – in a caring and nurturing environment. While we honor parents as the primary educators, we value and contribute to a close and meaningful partnership between home and school.
Concerned and supportive parents or family adequately trained teachers and specially prepared school environment conducive for learning are significant, which could determine the quality and affectivity of the child’s learning process. It recognizes individual uniqueness of each child who is always at the center of the entire learning process. Weisheit Inscribe Learning Academy Inc. adapts a holistic approach to education whereby all aspects of human development, physical, social, emotional, effective, cognitive, intellectual, moral and spiritual are given equal importance.
In the tradition of global awareness characteristic of Weisheit Inscribe Learning Academy Inc. education, we prepare each student for a world-wide perspective, guiding them to recognize and accept responsible and creative participation in their family, school community, society, and in the nation as a whole.
In accordance with its mission statement, the primary goal of the Shalom Learning Academy is to guide the pupils towards a life of purpose and meaning so that they can meet life with courage, and respond with initiative and creativity to the needs of the world and their fellow human beings.

Intellectual, Social, and Artistic Goals

Intellectual Goals
We are committed to guiding the pupils towards mastery of fundamental academic and artistic subjects, and to furthering a lifelong pursuit of knowledge and the development of capacities for healthy personal and collective growth.

Social Goals
We view our pupils experience in our school community as a living preparation for their roles and participation in the larger world community.

Artistic Goals
We value each student’s artistic development as a fundamental element of a healthy physical, emotional, and spiritual life. Our artistic education, including performance arts, movement arts, fine arts, and practical arts, is designed to enhance the pupils physical and emotional well-being, intellectual capacities and performance, and healthy moral and spiritual development.

Viability of the Courses

here are many private schools in the Angeles City, which are offering pre-elementary and elementary courses. Weisheit Inscribe Learning Academy Inc. is offering pre-elementary and elementary courses which aims to infuse Christian values-education to the pupils as a way to strengthen their character or their inner man.

Two teachers shall be assigned to pre-elementary class with a maximum of 12 pupils per room and shall have one teacher per subject area in a class of 12-15 pupils in the elementary level. Many parents from middle class and upper class families of the surrounding community favor and welcome the school’s program. They strongly believed in the long term benefits of early childhood education and their significant effects of a solid foundation in the elementary levels of the future of their children.

Weisheit Inscribe Learning Academy Inc. aims to help in elevating the general standard of education in Angeles City and its neighboring municipalities by producing graduates who will competently handle the requirements of the next level of formal schooling.


  1. Introduce and develop Christian values among pupils by providing good quality basic educational opportunities for the maximum development of a child’s total potentials.

  2. To create specially prepared school environment, with adequate facilities sufficient learning materials and qualified teachers, in order to stimulate and enhance the learning experiences of the child in preparation for additional learning tasks expected.

  3. To continually evaluate, adjust and upgrade the course being offered depending on the special needs of children in relation to their daily life situation, existing standards in the formal educational system and national educational thrusts.

  1. To continually develop Christian values among pupils, instill discipline and develop proper attitude and behavior.

  2. To continually evaluate, adjust and upgrade the course being offered depending on the special needs of children in rTo introduce and supplement the teaching of various subject areas in order to maximize the child’s potentials in all aspects of his development.

  3. To continually evaluate, adjust and upgrade the course being offered depending on the special needs of children in rTo create a conductive learning environment to stimulate and enhance the learning experiences of the child in preparation for more complex requirements demanded in the next level of the formal educational system.

  4. To continually evaluate, adjust and upgrade the course being offered depending on the special needs of children in rTo continually evaluate and upgrade the course offerings or make necessary modifications, to maintain its relevance and effectiveness within the context of the child’s life situation, existing policies and standards in the formal educational system and national educational thrusts.


Effective and relevant educational opportunities should be provided to the Filipino children during the most crucial and sensitive phase in their formative years in order to prepare them to become a contributing factor in the nation-building in the near future. The public educational system, hand-in-hand with the private school sector, is striving hard to attain the realization of the national goal of maximizing the development of the country’s vital human resources.

The Philippine government has declared the 1990’s as the decade of Education for All and has envisioned the effective delivery of basic education to enable people to acquire skills, knowledge, values and attitudes that would lead to their personal growth and maturity, improve the quality of their lives and make them productive members of society.

Equalization of educational opportunities is another concern of our national leadership. It is primarily based on the legal and human rights of a person to become fully functioning human being, free from ignorance and capable of continuous self-improvement. Equalization of educational opportunities can be defined as a special right by which an individual develops himself according to his own abilities, at his own pace, regardless of circumstances, regardless of things external to him, in a long process of development.

It is essential therefore to create equal opportunities for the delivery of quality basic education for a nation to fully develop in pursuit of progress and prosperity. It should be made available to the children not only in the more advanced urban communities but most importantly in the provincial and rural regions of the country.

Permit to Operate

Our Vision

Our Vision is to nurture and develop every students' skills and knowledge, inspiring their young minds to aspire, and believe in their own potential. By providing a positive, and safe environment for the students, we encourage them to love learning holistically, thus providing life-long excellence.

Our Mission

• To help students achieve their learning goals.

• To motivate students and ignite their learning interests, by challenging and inspiring their young minds.

• Teachers are constantly being good role models for all students, not only providing intellectual learning, but also holistic learning as a whole.

• Teachers develop good communication not only with students, but with parents as well to ensure thorough and effective learning to happen.

Core Values

• Wisdom
• Discipline
• Knowledge

Our Location

Rizal Cor. Burgos St. Brgy. Sapangbato, Angeles City Pampanga, Philippines